Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love is in the air! (2)

Let me introduce you my daughter's creations. She has a different style, more modern, more fresh. I really love them.
She is a Paulo Coelho fan, as you can see it.

Love is what mahes you smile

Kiss Slowly

The Most Important Things

this is my favorite

Heart Movie

this is her favorite, she will give it to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

You may find them on my shop,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love is in the air!

It's February, therefore soon will be The Valentine's Day. Spring is not far away and, all in all, it's time to say I Love You.

I created some prints about love and hugs and kisses, let me introduce them to you:

It's Time to Say "I Love You!"

 I love this old clock. It seems that it counted so many happy hours.

Glowing Heart:

This is one of my favorites. I created this with my husband in my mind. I am such a lucky girl to have him in my life. I always feel that his love lights up my path in life.

Heart Fountain:

This is also one of the older prints. I love the story it tells about love to grand to be contained.

It's enough for today, I will show you other similar items tomorrow.
Or you could see them on my shop,


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cats, cats, cats!

Yes, I love cats. They are such beautiful and elegant creatures, so warm and fluffy. They are always clean and you don't have to go out with them at 7 o'clock on Sunday mornings. A dog loves you no matter what, but a cat loves you only if you deserved it. And you learn a lot about yourself in the process.
So, when I noticed that my shop is crowded with cats, I make them a stand alone category. And, of course, I am adding more cats, I can't help myself !
Look at them how beautiful they are:

My Persian Cat:

She has the quickest sell record, I sold her at 5 minutes after putting her on sale! She is now on her way to her new owner, I really hope they will get well together.

My Turkish Cat:

Isn't she absolutely lovely? Who could resist her?

My Bengal Cat:

She is different from the others two. I did a lot of search to find her, I wanted a more wild cat to oppose the others two. She's not indoorsy, she loves to stroll, to hunt, she loves the adventure of being her own master.

If you wat to see all my cats - so far- you'll find them here:



Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Carolina Sewing Machine
Oh my. So much time passed since my last post. So many things happened. I learned a lot and my shop looks much better, I believe.

I created a lot of prints, I will try to present them and their story.

Sweet Carolina.
I replaced the old sewing machine print with this one. I have a similar sewing machine in my kitchen, it is over a hundred years old and she is doing just fine! My daughter will bring it to her home soon and our Carolina will live a happy life there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carnival cat.

I created this one for Gina, a very nice lady from Florida who bought the 'Hang in There, Baby!' item on my Etsy shop.

She was entitled to receive a second item for her purchase. Insted of choosing it herself, she let me do it for her. So I created the Carnival Cat with Gina in mind, hoping she'll like her.
Yesterday the two cats arrived at their new home. Gina wrote me:

'I got it today!!!!!!!!! It's even better than I expected (and I expected a lot!) I love the cat on the german book. It's absolutely beautiful!!!!! I am going in the morning to get them framed and plan on giving the "Hang in There Baby" to my boss for her birthday tomorrow night. I love love love them. Thank you so very much Dana!'

Nothing compares with what you feel when your work is appreciated. I am very greatful for your kind words, Gina.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emmy Awards - Game of Thrones

Emmy Awards tomorrow! Of course 'Game of Thrones' is among the nominees. 
I remember the poster I was contemplating last year almost every day in the bus station. 'Just another annoying teenager BS', I was thinking. 
And then, one day I saw an episode. The next day I was running to the bookshop in search of 'Songs of Ice and Fire'. My conversion was complete. Now I cannot wait to watch the 3th season and to read the next book!
I tried to catch the Game of Thrones atmosphere in some creations you can find in my  Etsy shop:


Life in Pyrenees in the 1880's

 The same Dartinguenave painted a lovely dance scene. Let's take a look at it.

The costumes are lovely, everybody's happy, couldn't be better. But take a closer look at the man in the center's shoes:

Yes, it's a KNIFE! Why on earth is he dancing with these shoes, I really cannot fathom. The other man in the picture doesn't have such shoe adornment. Anyway, the women dancing next to him seem to be not worried at all. As for me, I would NEVER have their courage and dance next this brave countryman.